Embrace.solar is distributing efficient and affordable Solar-powered products to replace dangerous and expensive kerosene lamps.

We work with local parties as well as international NGO’s and charities to ensure the most effective way to diminish CO2 exhaust while improving the lives of those currently dependent on kerosene for their lights.

House off the grid © ExposedPlanet.com Images, all rights reseved
House off the grid in Africa © ExposedPlanet.com Images, all rights reserved

Many people in poor places have no choice but to get sick of kerosene fumes if they want to study or work in the night in order to escape the poverty spiral.

The dark background
At the equator the night falls quickly and at 6pm it’s pitch dark. As about 97% of the rural population in poor countries are not connected to the electric grid, this means that they need to live in the dark or use kerosene lanterns for light.

Kerosene is incredibly expensive and can take up one third to a quarter of household costs. Often the family -mostly the mother- needs to walk for many hours before they can even buy it for high prices.

The lamps are dangerous, houses burn down, fumes are toxic and as many houses are badly ventilated, many develop eye and lung problems.
The light

With the money that the average family spends on Kerosene in a few weeks, they can buy our products, which are solar-powered and will last several years.

Direct impact

The direct impact our light has on family life is simply astounding. When our partners visited Tanzania last month, the villagers came up to thank them as they did not have to buy more of the toxic and expensive kerosene.

Some can now work at night, students can study, all are healthier and have more money for food and clothing and time to spend with their family. While the world’s politicians fuss about oil prices and trade embargo’s, we teach about solar-power and bring direct and positive hands-on change and we are proud of that.

Our business

A new type of thinking is essential if mankind is to survive and move toward higher levels. (Albert Einstein).

This quote is often paraphrased as ‘you cannot solve problems using the same thinking that created them‘. Standard for-profit companies that only focus on the financial bottom line have contributed a lot to the problems we are facing today. So, in order to solve these, we need a new way of thinking and acting, way out of the capitalist box.

This is a grassroots company, we used our own money to set things up and to develop and produce the light, to build the website and much more. We already donated many lights which have helped thousands. We sell the products at the lowest price, but are not a charity. We plan to help charities and other projects by supplying lights without any costs where possible and otherwise for the lowest price.

Our goal is definitely to actively earn back our investment and even generate profit that we can use for more projects to improve the lives of many. Our great team and partners are already making sure that this will happen.